LIFE is gooOOOOooD!!!

2011-02-21 21:30:50 by SukieLuv

^ ^

*can't stop myself from smiling*


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2011-02-21 22:13:50

watch 2 girls and 1 cup
Your smile will be cured

SukieLuv responds: way..saw that before and -______- never will i ever watch it again...LOL


2011-02-21 23:03:50

I feel the same way, i feel amazing


2011-02-22 14:43:22

Just wait a few days and see how you feel is screwy like that for folks like you. Not that i'd know, I don't have a g'damn thing to smile about, but nothing to be upset or cry about either. Whatever.



2011-02-25 21:56:37

Yes, life is worth living it.

Optimism never gets old.

SukieLuv responds:

hey Mr T ^ ^ how are you?