just uploaded my first artwork

2011-02-06 00:44:59 by SukieLuv

feeling a lil nervous :\
i do hope, i'll be able to have some one to critiques it :)


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2011-02-06 14:37:10

Hi there, welcome to the art forum. Hope you'll have a fun stay with a lot of learning! :)

SukieLuv responds:

hi Larkatosa :)

thank you, i am learning a lot and it's so nice to see everyone artwork :)
i am having issued wit posting some of my works and i dont know why -__- [i change the size and everything]



2011-02-07 02:58:23

Are you using Windows Internet Explorer? That browser dosn't work too well with Newgrounds. If you are, I would advice you to change to a different browser like, firefox or google chrome. :)

SukieLuv responds:

thank you soo much ^ ^ i will do next time i'll post up my works