so i am new here

2011-01-26 01:17:43 by SukieLuv

i hate feeling like a noobs -________-


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2011-01-26 04:57:28

Welcome to Newgrounds ! This website contains an incredible amount of good artists, whether they draw, create music or make Flash videos.

Have fun !

SukieLuv responds:

aww thanks Mr-T :) for the nice warm welcoming :)

i am still trying to figured out how to post some of my work...i have seen a few ppl who are amazing good :) and i know that my artwork can't compared to them, but i really need some feed back or tips to are you a musician, artist, gamer?



2011-01-26 18:32:56

First you need to post some of your drawings. They won't officially appear on the Art Portal, but you can still share them on the forums or with your friends.
Then, after you have uploaded more than 3 drawings, a confirmed artist may scout you. Then you may be eligible to the frontpage if your artwork is worth it.
The Newgrounds community contains a certain amount of talented people who are able to give constructive criticism, you can even learn more to enhance your drawings in the Art forums.

I'm neither an artist nor a musician, I'm just a regular member of this community.
Don't underestimate your work, you can only improve it.

Good luck !

SukieLuv responds:

thank you so much, you have helped me out a lot :)

gonna take ur advice :)

[both my profile and my user icon is something i drew, i hope you like it :3]